Foodify Tab - Your Culinary Companion

Unleash flavors in a click with Foodify – your express lane to gourmet discoveries!

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Welcome to Foodify – where passion meets palate.

At Foodify, a proud venture of ConversionMax, we merge passion and innovation to present the world’s flavours directly at your command. Birthed from a deep respect for culinary diversity, our dedicated blend of tech wizards and culinary connoisseurs have designed a streamlined portal to the finest gourmet experiences.

Foodify isn’t merely an extension; it’s our pledge to uplift every epicurean’s voyage. With every interaction, we beckon you to dive deep, relish, and revel in the opulence of global dishes. Embark on this flavourful odyssey with us, and let every moment be savoured to its fullest.


1. Navigate to the Extensions page by clicking on the puzzle piece icon, found at the top right corner of your browser.

2. If the puzzle piece isn’t visible, tap on the three vertical dots to access the menu, then select ‘Extensions’.

3. Within the list of installed extensions, locate Foodify and press the Remove button below it.


We’re Here to Listen and Assist

At Foodify, we cherish every culinary explorer who joins our community. Should you have savory suggestions, insights, or need assistance with any aspect of our extension, we’re here to help. Direct all your thoughts, queries, and feedback. Your voice helps us enhance and refine the Foodify experience. We eagerly anticipate hearing from you.